Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Word Blocks

I love anything that has words on it, especially the distressed boards. But years ago I fell in love with these letter blocks that my good friend Hathir, she now does amazing bows and you have to check out her cute!! . Anyhow she had these blocks in her living room that were huge and you could arrange them to say different things. At the time they said merry Christmas. They were so cute and I finally decided to make myself some. I had planned on making these last month but I was so slack. So yes a month after Christmas they are done. What can I say, I am early for the next Christmas! Though having a bit of blocks left, I ended up doing more! Love it!

So I have an awesome neighbor and best friends. And they so kindly made me these blocks. First her husband took 2 2x4 boards and cut them to  3 and something (2x4 aren't truly 4 inches) then he took two pieces and glued and nailed them together. Yea I have awesome friends! So these are the blocks I ended up with. Buying square blocks were way to expensive, especially if you want to go larger than a 2x2.

Next I took wood filler and filled in the cracks and holes. I wasn't too worried about filling everything since I will be distressing them later on. 

Next I painted them my base color. This is the color you are going to want your letters to be.

Sorry my pictures are lame, my phone wasn't working with me and it was night time.......bad combo
These are for the Christmas blocks

Also you only need to paint your base color/ the color you want your wording where your letter is going.

These are acutally painted an off white for the other blocks

Next you need to put your letters on. I used a circuit machine and cut out my letters. Since my blocks were almost 4 square I cut my letters out to be 3 1/2 inches tall. After placing your letters make sure you rub them on really well. Then paint. I chose a red because of Christmas

After they dry you can peel off the letters and distress. I took sand paper and sanded the edges. I really love the warn look that it gives them. Here is a picture of them before and after distressing.

Here is the distressing in the black

Then you have your finished project!

pictures don't do it justice at all!

and one for my mom :)

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