Friday, January 6, 2012

RedNeck Wine glasses

Have you heard of Redneck wine glasses? I actually had never heard of them until a few months ago when someone had mentioned them. Looking them up there are all kinds and so many awesome ideas on how to decorate them. I have seen them online and in stores from about $13.00 to about $20.00 a piece. They are cool but I was thinking to myself......not that cool! After doing a little research I found several ideas on how to make them. Here is my version for about $2.50!!
First: you start with a good old fashioned mason jar, the wide mouth ones tend to be better and you want to use the smaller ones.
Second: you need to take your base, I used candlestick holders Dollar General. They are the perfect size and fit the bottom of a mason jar perfect.
Third: and final, you need to glue them together. I used E-6000. Its made for glass and I have found it to work pretty good. Make sure you glue both pieces and wait a minute or two before you put them together. Even sanding the glass slightly will help them adhere better. 

  And that is it! You have a yourself a Redneck Wine Glass! Simple and cheap! Make sure you hand wash them. I have not yet tried to throw them in the dishwasher, but you never know.

Now after making myself a few glasses and some Christmas presents :) I had glue left and decided to venture further with the glass glue! I have often wanted to make a cake plate. So off the Dollar General I went! This is what I found:
A glass ice cream dish

A very cool glass plate, with same size circle as the ice cream dish

 And with a little glue, I turned the ice cream dish upside down and glued it to the plate.........Ta da!
A very unique $2.00 cake stand!

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