Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sock Monkey Birthday Party

Sock Monkey party

When my son turned one I wanted to do something really unique. I just love getting our family and friends together, especially for a cook out.  At the time I was big into sock monkeys. He had one and loved it. So to the Internet I went!
I came across one of my favorite blogs by Angela Yosten:  
and of course I had to make one or two, the are way too cute! Plus they went perfect with the theme I was going for!
 So it began! I wasn't able to find the true sock money socks, so I found some socks in the men's section that had the same patterned heel and toe as the "sock money socks". The were so easy to make, and of course Angela's tutorial made it super easy! Here are the shirts that I made :)

Party Shirts

Since you can't have a party with just shirts.... though I did make a few to give away as game prizes! I found some really neat things to make for our Sock money party! 



and here is mine :) It is such a neat cake and super easy!! 
A cake for the rest of us to eat :)
Here  is Adam digging in!

a mini version for my son, you can't have a first birthday party without a cake all to yourself! 

Cookies to Match!

all wrapped up :) 

For games I did: 
How well do you know Adam- For this game I gave each guest a sheet of questions about Adam, such as full name and things like that....with of course super easy ones...birthday. The guest with the most correct answers won a prize
Whats in the bag - I placed different toys in paper bags and numbered the bags. Each guest had to feel and guess what kind of toy was in each bag, the one with the most right answers won a prize. 

 I used a few child size t-shirts I made for game prizes

My sweet daughter Alyssa won this one!

Party Favors

Monkey poo favors........I loved this idea. I used choc. wafers and monkeys that I got out of the quarter machine!
Things turned out really well. We grilled hot dogs and burgers down at our playground, along with the games and cake. I think everyone had a blast!

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