Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wall of fun!

OK so I wanted a different kind of wall art. I love to put up family pictures, but I wanted something to show our personality and really display our fun side. So I came up with our 'Wall of fun'
Here is what I did. 

I had each of us take funny, unique pictures

This is Elisabeth, she is hanging up side down at the playground
This is Emily rocking her mustache that we made out of sticky felt

I even got a funny one of my husband. His mom actually took this photo when we were at Chuck E Cheese with the kids......he was inside a tube, and he smooched his face on the window to be funny. I love it! haa haa

After printing them out, I found these awesome frames for only 3.00 at Walmart of course. Not bad considering they came with a matt. I really liked the idea of having them symmetrical. But due to the fact that there is only 7 of us I needed something to make it an even 8. 
So this is what I came up with:
Our last name drawn and then in black going through it, it says "families are forever" Since we didn't have any ink at the time for our printer and I was too impatient to wait. So I drew it out by hand. Not to bad I must say :)

Then it was time for hanging.......and a million holes later ( yes I even drew lines and measured, it just wasn't my day to hang pictures I guess) This is what I ended up with.....

Ta Da! I love it and get a smile every time I pass by. Now the only problem is when we move in a few months, I will have to rehang them! ahh! 

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