Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hair flowers

My daughters love hair things, but we tend to go through a lot of them with three girls wearing them everyday. But hair things cost so much. Luckily we found a cheap very cute way to make some of our own!

First you need to find some fake flowers, you want to make sure they are bloomed flowers not buds.

Then I take these clips, they can be found at hair supply stores and places like that. The box I got come with I think we are good for awhile! lol 

Next you want to take the flower off the stem

Then you want to clip the stem down so its flat, but make sure you hang onto the flowers so that the stem still  peaks out slightly so that the flower stays together. Then add a big glob of glue in the middle and add the clip.

Gotta love it, so simple, yet so cute! Of course there are a million ways to jazz these up......more to come :)

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