Saturday, January 14, 2012

Adventures of a two year old

My son Adam is so full of energy like any other two year old. 
But I do have to say out of all five children he still amazes how he manages to get into sooo many things. 
But instead of getting angry, I grab my camera first, take a deep breath and take a picture!
Like any other mom I get frustrate with all the things he gets into, but what I have learned over the years
is how fast time flys and looking back on all his adventures I get a big chuckle and realize how funny they really are. 
So here are just a few of my favorite mess pictures 
This picture is just after I had made cookies and he decided to help himself. He can get on anything, I mean anything. I am constantly catching him getting into my upper cabinets. Also another favorite of Adam is to turn my faucet completely around to the other side and turn on the water! Completely soaking the floor on the other side. 

First Adam unrolled the toilet paper and threw it away ( see the trashcan) and then he took the lotion bottle and dumped the whole thing least now my floors will have no softness issues lol
Adam loves food and this day he couldn't wait for me, he decided to help himself to chicken even before I could dish it out. Thank you hunny mommy has it from here.

This is when Adam opened the fridge and helped himself to some kool-aid. Unfortunately the he used the floor instead of a cup to pour the kool-aid into.
Doesn't everyone pour them self a whole box of cheerios?? So funny, he loves to try and be just like his brother and sisters. Funny thing is he managed to get the bowl out himself. I know it seems like I don't watch him at all but trust me this happens in few minutes it takes me to run to the restroom ( that is his favorite time to get something) or turn my head. He is super fast! No joke, super fast!
This is too funny, the girls helped him on this one............dress up! lol
And of course he does learn from the best..........his older sisters. Emily wanted to try and draw herself a tattoo. Lol lets just say we have to hide the pens in our house!

Through showing you these few moments of my energetic two year old, I hope that you take the time to cherish your children and all the moments you have with them. Even when they are getting into everything. Time goes by way to fast :)

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