Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY Tufted Head board

I have been seeing lots of DIY head boards so I finally took the jump and made my own.
It was so simple and I love the look. The best part, it only costs me about 30.00 for everything. Can't beat that!
First I went to Lowe's and had them cut me a board down to 60" x 48", basically just one straight cut. Costing me only 8.00 for the board. (It doesn't really matter what kind of wood you get, as long as its sturdy, and I'm cheap so this worked perfect)

After I brought it home I drew a few lines and had my very awesome neighbor cut it for me. After that I drilled a few holes for the tufting. I have seen a lot of people do a lot of tufting on their headboards but I have always liked the less is more approach. So I made 8 holes, and measured them out so they were even ( well even enough lol)

After that I took my foam ( just a foam topper from Walmart, only 12.00)
I sprayed the foam and the board and applied. Then cut it down to size.
After that I wrapped it in batting and stapled. 
As soon as I did that I laid the fabric down. ( Some awesome fabric I found at Walmart for only 2.50 a yard, score! I bought 2 1/4 yards)

after pulling it tight, I stapled it around, making sure I kept it tight and smooth. 
I cut down the extras to keep it neat and clean looking on the back.

Last I took some thick string and pulled tight with some fabric covered buttons that I created with the same fabric.

I just love it! Now to get new bedding! I also found some great blogs that have made the same thing and have great tutorials! A must see :

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  1. The mattress pad looks rippled.. how did you get it to look so flat?

    Also, did no using batting make a difference?

    It looks so good!